$50 Million Washington DC Wrongful Death Alleges Excessive Use of Police Force in Man’s Fatal Shooting

The parents of a Fort Washington man are suing the US Capitol Police for Washington DC wrongful death. They are seeking $50 million in compensatory damages for what they are alleging was excessive use of police force.

According to Leroy and Thomasine White’s Washington DC police brutality complaint, police shot 27-year-old Kellen A. White at least 12 times on July 15, 2009 following a traffic stop.

While US Capitol Police contend that White attempted to flee in his 1999 Mercedes Benz, almost hit two cops, collided with a police vehicle, and shot at officers, his family contends that White was unarmed, did not pose a threat to anyone, committed no crime, and had followed the commands issued to him by police. They are arguing that the shooting was unjustified and excessive.

A July 2009 article on Wtop.com reports that White may have attempted to escape police because he was on probation for another incident involving guns and police officers. However, although law enforcement officials are allowed to use reasonable physical force when apprehending a suspect, they cannot use excessive and unnecessary use of force at any time (especially when done to intimidate, punish, hurt, or force someone into making a confession).

Washington DC Police Brutality

Excessive use of force has been known to involve officers’ use of their hands and legs, guns, Tasers, police batons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and handcuffs. Verbal abuse, intimidation, emotional abuse, and sexual assault are also forms of police violence.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that their rights have been violated when they’ve been subjected to police brutality, which is also illegal. Even if you have been charged with or convicted of a crime, you still do not deserve to be a victim of police violence. You may have grounds for a Washington DC personal injury case.

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