58.9% Of Traffic Deaths in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia Between 2004-2008 were Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single-vehicle crashes make up nearly 62% of Washington DC traffic deaths. According to 2004-2008 statistics, 58.9% of the 7,945 traffic fatalities on highways in the District, Virginia, and Maryland were single-vehicle collisions.

AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson John B. Townsend II attributes single-vehicle accidents to driver error, poor road conditions, speeding, drunk driving, negligent driving, and night driving. Townsend says that based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s traffic death data over the last five years, single-vehicle accidents also accounted for nearly 64% of traffic deaths in Virginia and 53% of Maryland motor vehicle fatalities.

Yesterday morning, US soccer team member Charlie Davies sustained serious injuries in a single-car crash on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Davies sustained leg fractures, facial fractures, an elbow fracture, and a lacerated bladder. He underwent surgery yesterday afternoon and his career may be over.

According to police, the SUV Davies was a passenger in appears to have hit the metal railing of a bridge. 22-year-old Ashley J. Roberts, who was also involved in the car accident, was pronounced dead at the traffic crash site.

Single vehicle accidents can be caused by a negligent driver, defective or poor road conditions, or because of an auto system failure or defect. Rollover accidents and tire blowout crashes are two common kinds of single-rollover accidents.

An experienced Washington DC injury attorney can help you determine whether you have grounds for filing a DC car accident claim. A second driver doesn’t have to have been involved for you to be entitled to receive DC wrongful death or injury recovery.

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