All Metro Bus Shelters in DC to Be Inspected After Glass Structure Falls and Leads to Injuries

In the wake of a bus shelter falling on waiting passengers on Macarthur Boulevard near Cathedral Avenue in Washington D.C., all metro bus shelters in the area are to undergo a safety inspection.

The accident happened earlier this month when a Metrobus ran into the shelter, shattering the structure that then fell on waiting passengers. One woman became trapped under the shelter’s metal roof and another woman was also injured. Both women were treated and released from a local hospital.

A Metro spokesperson says that one of the bus’s mirrors had hit the metal-framed shelter structure, causing the glass to shatter and the metal structure to fall.

A similar accident occurred in the exact spot last year where the shelter was then rebuilt. Local residents are concerned that the bus shelter was once again built too close to the road and have expressed worry that similar structures nearby were also built in unsafe locations.

The DDOT (District Department of Transportation), which maintains the shelters, and Metro have said they will investigate the accident together.

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If You Have Been Injured On Unsafe Premises

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