Amusement Park Safety in Ocean City and Premises Liability

In a recent article published by Delmarva Now, one inspector for an amusement park in Ocean City, Maryland discussed the safety of the rides, his job in keeping them safe, and what happens when there is a safety issue.

The article explains that, each year, inspectors are charged with going through all of the rides and making sure that they are safe for the public. However, despite their periodic inspections, problems do arise that can threaten the public’s safety. For example, below is a list of the repairs that were required to be made just last year:

  • Corroded lap bar on the Tornado ride, Jolly Roger at the Pier (May 23);
  • Repair self-locking latch, replace cotter pin, tape torn padding, Zipper at Trimper’s (April 8);
  • Replace corroded steel flooring, Pirate Ship ride at Trimper’s (April 21);
  • Replace bad steel on trailer and track connections, Sooper Jet at Trimper’s (April 22);
  • Keep two seats out of service until pin cover repaired, Giant Wheel at Jolly Roger at the Pier (May 1); and
  • Replace worn seat belts and have electrical wires properly covered, bumper cars at Jolly Roger on Coastal Highway (May 20).

The article also notes that the last time the park had a serious safety issue was back in 2010, when three people were hospitalized with minor injuries after a cable snapped on the Tidal Wave roller coaster. Evidently, before the ride was opened back up to the public, the ride’s manufacturer had to be contacted in Holland for special repairs.

What Happens When There is a Breakdown in Safety?

You may recall that several months ago, Six Flags in Maryland had a problem with one of its roller coasters shutting down mid-ride due to a safety concern. The people aboard that ride were stranded for three hours while emergency crews attempted to free them. Luckily no one was hurt in the mishap, although that will not always be the case.

When an accident victim is hurt while on the property of another, there is the possibility that the property owner can be held liable for the injuries that the victim suffers. This is one reason why property owners such as the amusement park try and take extra precaution to keep their premises safe.

There are numerous factors that play into the liability determination, such as whether the injuries were caused by the property owner’s negligence and whether the property owner disclosed the possibility or risk of injury. To learn more about premises liability in Maryland and the District of Columbia, contact an experienced attorney.

Have You Been Injured While on Another’s Property?

If you have been injured while on another’s property, whether in Maryland or the District of Columbia, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. However, the property owner, especially if it is a large business or corporation, will likely employ skilled legal counsel in an attempt to deflect liability away from the business owner. Therefore, it is important that you also consult with legal counsel to prevent an unjust result. Contact one of the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, a dedicated Maryland and District of Columbia personal injury law firm, by calling 410-654-3600 today.

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