Are You Considering a Settlement After a D.C. Personal Injury Accident?

Settlements are agreements to resolve a lawsuit or a dispute through the terms of the agreement. In most agreements, the parties agree not to admit any wrongdoing. The amount of compensation and terms of the agreement may be confidential, as well as other details about the case. In fact, these days most civil cases are resolved through a settlement.

How Does the Personal Injury Settlement Process Work?

After a D.C. injury case, the parties reach out to one another to discuss a settlement—and in some cases, a court may require the parties to discuss settling the case. Settlements may allow the parties to avoid the time and stress of a prolonged court proceeding, which could take years in some cases. Courts often encourage settlements because it allows courts to conserve their resources for cases in which no agreement can be reached. But the parties must come to an agreement voluntarily. They cannot be forced into an agreement.

Some settlements also require the approval of a court. In Washington, D.C., if a person entitled to file or defend a claim on behalf of a minor child agrees to settle the case, a court must approve the settlement after details of the injuries, costs, and the settlement are provided to the court. There also may be a hearing on the matter.

Baseball Team Settles with Family After Toddler Hit by Foul Ball

The parents of a young child was who hit by a foul ball during a major league baseball game recently settled with the baseball team hosting the game. According to one news article, the incident occurred when a foul ball hit the girl in the head, fracturing her skull. She was 2 years old at the time of the incident and has a permanent brain injury, according to the family’s lawyer. Her family’s lawyer said she has been on anti-seizure medication since the incident. The parents alleged that the team negligently caused their daughter to sustain injuries during the game, which took place in May 2019. The team’s netting at the time only reached from the end of one dugout to the other and did not extend to where the child was sitting. The team later extended the netting farther down the baselines. The settlement was agreed upon by the baseball team and the parents, but because it involved a minor, the settlement must now be approved by a judge.

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