Bringing a Lawsuit After a Washington, D.C. Pedestrian Accident

In cities such as Washington, D.C., walking to work and school is very common. Unfortunately, because of this, pedestrian accidents are also more prevalent. These devastating crashes occur when a driver hits a person walking, with injuries that can be extremely severe. When someone is injured or killed in a pedestrian accident in D.C., a lawsuit can be brought to financially compensate the victim for the accident. Below are statistics about pedestrian accidents, along with the basic information on bringing a personal injury lawsuit.

Recently in Washington, D.C., two children and their father were injured as they were walking to school on National Walk to School Day. The man and his children were walking when a driver attempted to turn and drove directly into them. All three pedestrians were severely injured: one of the children broke her leg, the other sustained major facial injuries, and the father suffered a broken ankle after being dragged by the car. D.C. police have not said yet whether the driver will be charged.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, pedestrian motor vehicle crash deaths have increased by 51 percent over the last ten years. Additionally, these accidents account for 17 percent of all deaths from crashes. In 2019, over 6,000 pedestrians died in an accident involving a motor vehicle, and over seventy percent of pedestrians killed in 2019 were males.

Can Pedestrians Sue After an Accident?

For individuals severely injured or killed in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident, they have the ability to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. In Washington, D.C., an injured victim has three years after the date of the accident to bring their lawsuit against the responsible party. If they do not file the claim within this time period, they are barred from suing the responsible party at any time in the future. It is also important to remember that D.C.’s personal injury laws are different from many other states. In D.C., if the plaintiff is found responsible by the jury for the accident in any way, they will lose their ability to collect financial compensation. Even if the plaintiff is found just 1% at fault, they will receive no money. However, personal injury attorneys are experts at fighting against arguments that the plaintiff is at fault, while still recovering monetary damages for their clients.

The aftermath of a pedestrian motor vehicle accident can have an extreme impact on a person’s daily life. Because of this, injured persons should reach out to an experienced attorney who can talk them through their claim.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Washington D.C. Pedestrian Accident?

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