Car Accident in Arlington Leaves 15 Injured, Two in Critical Condition

In high-traffic areas, car accidents can have harmful implications that extend far beyond the involved cars’ passengers and drivers themselves. In a recent crash in Arlington, Virginia, 15 people were injured because of an accident involving only one motor vehicle with three passengers. Unfortunately, even collisions with only one automobile can have chain reactions that extend to people who were not on the road at the time of the crash.

According to the news article detailing the incident in Arlington, it was approximately 7:00pm on a Friday when a vehicle crashed directly into a local pub. A large crowd was gathered at the pub when the driver hit the establishment head on, causing the building to immediately erupt in flames. Police reports indicate that the driver was working for Uber, transporting a group of people to their post-work destination.

Six people were treated at the scene of the accident, and six others were hospitalized and released. By Saturday, the police department’s numbers indicated that 15 people were injured from the incident. Two of the individuals remained in critical condition through the weekend. Reports do not yet indicate if there was any alcohol, foul play, or impairment that could have contributed to the cause of the crash.

It is important to recognize that pedestrians, even restaurant patrons, can face injuries from car accidents. Sometimes, these injuries happen when we least expect them. Unusual accidents of this nature have difficult emotional ramifications, as injured parties deal not only with physical damage but also with the mental toll of having to work through the consequences of an unexpected event.

What Should You do After a Car Accident?

In the midst of this chaos, one of the best things you can do for yourself is speak with a personal injury attorney that can tell you about your rights. In Maryland, personal injury claims arising out of car accidents have a three-year statute of limitations, meaning if they are not brought forward within three years of the accident, the claims themselves will be automatically dismissed. Even with this three-year statute, however, it is important to address the legality of your claim as soon as possible, so that you can find out if there are any limitations in particular you might face as you bring your claim.

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