Dangerous Bus Crash Leaves Eleven Children and One Adult in Hospital

The danger of not wearing your seatbelt is compounded when a bus or other large vehicle is involved in the crash. That goes for people in the bus as well as other vehicles on the road. Large commercial or passenger vehicles like buses are on the road to transport many passengers or heavy items over extended distances.

Why Are Busses So Dangerous?

Buses can become difficult to maneuver in emergency situations, preventing bus drivers from turning or stopping suddenly due to the weight of their vehicles and passengers. Even without many passengers or large trailers, buses are heavy, making accidents involving them inherently dangerous. Additionally, bus drivers can be under high amounts of pressure to spend long hours on the road, needing to meet transportation deadlines. This can lead to exhaustion and impaired judgment while they drive, especially towards the end of their routes. Tired drivers are more likely to make mistakes when driving, increasing the likelihood of accidents. A recent news article discussed a serious bus accident.

According to the news article, a car driver tried to turn left onto Laurel Bush Road and into the path of an oncoming passenger mini-bus, resulting in a crash. The accident occurred early in the morning on Monday, September 11, around 8:30 a.m. The mini-bus was a Kensington KinderCare bus transporting the children on the way to their elementary school when the crash occurred. Eleven children and an adult were taken to the hospital as a result of the crash.

The Maryland State Police stated that MSP troopers were called shortly before 8:30 a.m. to the area of Emmorton Road and Bel Air South Parkway to deal with a crash involving a bus and a car. Authorities said that 10 injured children traveling on the KinderCare mini-bus were taken to the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel Air. The driver of the car and a 1-year-old child were taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, police said. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, and none of the school children sustained serious injuries. The school children were transported to the hospital based on the advice of responding paramedics.

In response to the accident, the state police spokesperson stated, “Whether it be KinderCare, private schools, public schools ­­­– everyone’s back. There’s more traffic out there, which is why we always tell people don’t drive distracted, don’t drive impaired, don’t drive aggressively, and definitely be on the lookout for children,” he said.

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