DC Injury Lawsuit Filed Against FBI Employee Over Hit-and-Run Car Accident

Two Voice of America journalists have filed a Washington DC personal injury case against Joy Ellen Mullinax, who is an FBI employee. They claim that she struck them during a hit-and-run accident on March 23. The plaintiffs, William Greenback and Thomas Bagnall, are each seeking $1 million.

According to the men, on the morning of March 23, Mullinax pulled up behind them as Bagnall was unloading equipment from their SUV that was outside the National Press Club. Greenback was sitting in the driver’s seat.

In their DC car accident complaint, they claim that Mullinax yelled and blew her horn. When Bagnall told her to drive around them, she allegedly accelerated her vehicle, striking Bagnall. Greenback then got out of the SUV and yelled at her to stop. Mullinax allegedly moved her car toward Greenback, pinning him between her car and another vehicle, stepped on the gas again, and hit him with her auto. This caused him to land on the roof of her auto.

Witnesses say that Mullinax then drove up the street with Greenback still on her vehicle. Jeneer Beeber, another driver whose vehicle she also struck, confirmed the two men’s accounts of what happened. She called Mullinax’s alleged conduct an incident of road rage.

While DC police ticketed Mullinax for changing lanes without exercising caution, Bagnall and Greenback say she should have been charged with hitting a pedestrian, reckless driving and endangerment, and leaving the accident scene.

Aggressive Driving

According to AAA Foundation, aggressive driving kills at least 1500 people a year. This type of behavior can also cause injuries. Common examples of aggressive driving include people expressing their anger or hostility by speeding, tailgating, weaving-in-and-out of traffic, attempting to intimidate others with their vehicle by driving too close for comfort to the target of their aggression, improper and unsafe lane changes, and red light running. Some aggressive drivers can turn incredibly violent.

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