Deadly Aftermath of Washington D.C Hit-and-Run Accidents

Washington D.C. hit-and-run accidents refer to collisions where a driver fails to stop after striking another vehicle or person. The failure to render assistance and report the accident increases the likelihood of serious injuries and fatalities. In an effort to reduce the rate of hit-and-run rashes, researchers and safety agencies across the world have studied the factors contributing to these incidents. While hit-and-run accidents often involve the complex interplay of various factors, most incidents stem from improper driving.

Even though Washington D.C. lawmakers consider hit-and-runs a severe crime, these accidents remain increasingly high. For instance, a recent article described a fatal Washington hit-and-run accident involving multiple vehicles. According to police, a driver’s Hyundai was stuck in a travel lane after he hit a parked car. While stalled, a Chevrolet slammed into his car at high speed. The collision caused the Hyundai to spin and slam into another parked car. The Chevrolet driver sped away from the scene and hit three more vehicles before the driver, and a passenger fled the car. Emergency responders could not revive the Hyundai driver, and they are still looking for the Chevrolet driver and passenger.

Research indicates that hit-and-run accidents involve one or more types of improper driving. These factors include:

  • Drivers disregarding road signs,
  • Driver distraction involving cell phones,
  • Driver distraction involving passengers,
  • Driver distraction from objects outside of the vehicle,
  • Following too closely, and
  • Improper passing.

Further, previous data suggest that drivers are more likely to flee the scene if the victim is between 16 and 25 years old and the accident occurred in an urban area, during the summer or on weekends. Moreover, drivers operating their vehicles on shoulders are more likely to result in a hit-and-run crash. The correlation may be related to the driver’s knowledge and awareness that they were engaging in unlawful behavior. Interestingly, crashes on wet and sand road surfaces are less likely to be hit-and-run than dry roadways.

What Injuries Are Common in Hit and Run Accidents?

Ultimately, regardless of the cause, Washington D.C. hit-and-run crashes tend to cause serious and long-term injuries to victims. Unlike other accidents where a victim can focus on recovery, these victims must overcome additional challenges. An attorney can assist accident victims and their families in ensuring that law enforcement takes all steps to identify the at-fault party.

Have You Suffered Injuries In a Washington D.C Hit-and-Run Accident

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