Defects Involved in Recalls of 1.5 M Graco Strollers and 635,000 Dorel Asia Cribs Can Be Grounds for Washington DC Products Liability Lawsuits

This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a number of product recalls. Among them were two significantly large recalls involving the risk of serious injuries to infants and toddlers.

On Wednesday, along with Graco Children’s Products Inc., the CPSC recalled approximately 1.5 million Graco Strollers following two fngertip laceration accidents and five incidents involving fingertip amputations to children. The kids’ fingers were injured in the stroller canopy’s hinge mechanism.

Kid’s fingertips are highly sensitive and can damage easily during amputation, tearing, or crushing. Young children are especially at risk of sustaining fingertip injuries because they are always touching and/or placing their hands in objects. Ensuring that a fingertip injury receives immediate medical attention decreases the chances of permanent disability or deformity.

You can view the model numbers for the Graco Alano™, Passage™, and Spree™ strollers and travel systems that are part of the recall on the CPSC Web site. If you have one of the strollers, you should call Graco to ask for your free repair kit and stop using the product until you can fix the defect. If your infant or toddler sustained a fingertip injury, a Washington DC injuries to children law firm can help you determine whether you have grounds for filing a DC products liability claim.

The day before this latest Graco recall, the CPSC and Dorel Asia SLR announced the voluntary recall of 635,000 Dorel Asia cribs. These cribs are drop-side cribs, and there is concern that the drop-side might detach, causing strangulation, suffocation, or entrapment if the child falls into any gap created between the mattress and the drop-side. One 6-month-old baby died during an entrapment accident. Six kids who became entrapped when the drop-sides of their cribs detached survived. There are more than 30 reports involving drop-sides detaching. Seven children sustained scratches and bruises because of slat breakage.

Serious injuries to children can prove fatal. Crib manufacturers can be sued for Washington DC products liability if a product defect was the cause of your child’s injuries or death.

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Fingertip Injuries/Amputationsg
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