Despite Fewer Recalls, Defective Children’s Products Cause Increased Number of Injuries and Deaths in 2012

According to a recent report by product safety advocacy organization Kids In Danger (KID), the frequency with which children’s products were recalled in 2012 does not correlate with the increased number of injuries and deaths cause by products in the same year.

While only 97 children’s products were recalled in 2012, which is coincidentally the lowest number since 2004, when compared with 2011, the occurrence of incidents related to defective children’s products was as follows:

  • Overall incidents were up 49%
  • Injuries were up 42%
  • Deaths increased 200%
  • The number of children’s products recalled dropped by 20%

In fact, according to the KID report, most parents reported hearing of product recalls around once or twice a month, even though in 2012 a children’s product was recalled every three and a half days on average.

In addition to the new data above, the study put forth two main conclusions regarding the safety of children’s products. First, many of the well established standards, such as those relating to flammability, drawstrings, or small parts to name a few, continue to be commonly violated. For example, children’s clothing must have the drawstrings anchored in place to avoid posing a strangulation risk, and several recalled products during 2012 were recalled for failing to meet that rule. According to the study, 22 products were recalled for failing to meet these and other standards.

Secondly, many products that are intended to be used by infants and small children are not subject to any formal safety standards. These include things like travel beds and crib tents. These kinds of products were associated with several deaths in 2012.

It is important for the consumer to note that products are not usually recalled following a single incident. Unfortunately, it may take many injuries and in some cases deaths before the manufacturer will decide to voluntarily recall the product, or until the Consumer Product Safety Commission requires it to do so. Therefore, it is important to seek out reviews of children’s products, and be sure to check governmental and company websites for updated information regarding potential recalls.

Also, if your child has been hurt by a product, you do not have to wait for a recall in order to be heard. Harmful and defective products such as these may give rise to product liability claims. The laws governing these claims aim to provide protection to consumers who are harmed by consumer products. In addition to providing a potential financial remedy, these laws provide an incentive for companies to ensure that their products are safe. The law seeks to ensure that businesses are held responsible when the defective products they offer for sale on the open market later cause injuries or other damage.

If your child has been hurt or killed as a result of a defective children’s product, you should consult a knowledgeable products liability attorney as soon as possible for a case evaluation. It may be possible to secure compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses if needed. The committed personal injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen have several years of experience advocating for the rights of people in the Washington, DC area who have been victims of injuries due to dangerous or defective products. Get in touch with our team of seasoned professionals today to set up a confidential, no-cost consultation. You can contact us through our website, or by phone at (800) 654-1949.

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