Driver of Vehicle Charlie Davies was Riding in During George Washington Parkway Car Crash Drank Alcohol, Say Police

According to police, the driver of the vehicle that US national soccer player Charlie Davies was riding when he was critically injured during a Washington DC car accident last October told them she consumed alcohol before the fatal collision.

Davis, 23, sustained serious bladder injuries and two fractures during the single-vehicle collision on October 13. 22-year-old Maryland resident Ashley Roberta, who was also a passenger, died from her injuries.

The driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries. She also reportedly told police that she was adjusting her GPS unit when Roberta called out to her to “Watch out.” The vehicle then struck a guard rail close to Boundary Channel. The impact of the crash cut the vehicle in half.

The fatal collision happened about an hour after Davies, the driver, and Roberta were seen at a place where alcohol is served. Police say there is no evidence that the driver attempted to brake before the collision. There is a 113-foot tire rut before the guardrail. The authorities also think that the driver may have been operating the vehicle at a speed faster than the 40 mph speed limit.

Alcohol-Related Crashes

Driving under the influence increases the chances that a motorist will be involved n a car crash. This is a senseless way to die and/or injure others. Most drunk drivers don’t intend to cause injury or death. Many inebriated motorists may not even realize they are incapable of driving or think that they are sober enough that their actions won’t lead to catastrophic consequences.

Time and again, drunk driving continues to destroy people’s lives. The driver can even be held liable for Washington DC personal injury or wrongful death.

On New Year’s Eve, our Washington DC car accident lawyers would like to remind everyone of the dangers of drinking and driving. A few ways to avoid causing a drunk driving crash as we head into a new decade:

• Don’t get behind the steering wheel of a car
• Don’t let another drunk person drive
• Call a cab
• Designate a sober driver among your friends
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