Family of Man Killed in Tracy Morgan Accident Settles with Wal-Mart

Earlier last year, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a serious accident when the vehicle he was riding in with his entourage was struck by a semi-truck on a New Jersey highway. One of Morgan’s good friends, comedian James McNair, was killed in the accident. Tracy Morgan sustained serious injuries, from which he is still recovering. Back in June of last year, Morgan and his entourage were returning from a trip to Atlantic City. They were on a section of the New Jersey Turnpike that has a speed limit of 55 under normal conditions, but the limit was lowered because of road construction. Evidence obtained thus far shows that the driver of the truck was traveling at 65 miles per hour in the 60 seconds immediately proceeding the accident.

In a recent report by Huffington Post, the family of Mr. McNair has accepted a settlement offer from Wal-Mart, the owner of the truck that caused the accident. As it turns out, the driver of the truck had been on the road for over 24 hours without rest. The driver of the truck faces criminal charges as well.

The details of the settlement have not yet been made public, and they may never be. However, one thing is clear, the settlement offer does not require Wal-Mart to accept blame for the accident. In fact, in papers filed with the court, the company seems to blame the victims of the accident for “failure to properly wear an appropriate available seat belt restraint device.”

Truck Accidents and Out-of-Court Settlements

Out-of-court settlements are common in personal injury cases, especially when they involve high-profile victims or defendants. One reason that out-of-court settlements are so common in these circumstances is because they allow all parties to remain under the radar, so to speak. Often, one condition to an out-of-court settlement is that neither party is permitted to discuss the details of the settlement with news media.

Of course, there are other good reasons for a plaintiff to accept an out-of-court settlement, provided it is a fair one. For example, by accepting a settlement offer and not taking the case to trial, the plaintiff saves the time and expense of a trial. In addition, the plaintiff can avoid the uncertainty of potentially receiving an unfavorable verdict in his or her case.

Have You Been Involved in a Serious Washington DC Accident?

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