Father Sues Washington D.C. After His Daughter’s Decomposing Body is Found in Her Mother’s Home

Norman C. Penn, Jr., the father of 16-year-old Brittany Jacks, is suing the District for $25 million following her death. Brittany decomposing body was discovered last January, along with the bodies of her three sisters, ages 5, 6, and 11, in her mother Banita Jacks’ southeast Washington rowhouse.

Penn is alleging that the city’s agencies failed to properly handle the complaints that his daughter’s life was in danger and that because of this negligence, his daughter endured physical, mental, and emotional injuries before her death.

He accused the District of failing “to properly train, supervise, control, direct, and monitor its employees in their duties and responsibilities” and wants to know why the D.C. government did not do more to make sure that the girls were living in a safe environment. Penn filed his wrongful death lawsuit in District of Columbia Superior Court.

Banita is being held without bond on murder charges after she was accused of killing her four girls. U.S. Marshalls discovered the decomposing bodies when they went to Banita’s house on January 9 to serve her an eviction notice.

According to investigators, the bodies were so badly decomposed that they have been unable to determine their cause of death or when the deaths happened—although they believe that the girls died months before their bodies were discovered.No one has reported seeing the girls alive since spring or summer last year.

Jacks, 33, told police that her children were possessed by demons and they passed away in their sleep.

D.C. Mayor fired six Child and Family Services Agency workers soon after, accusing them of not doing enough to investigate complaints regarding the quality of care that Jacks was giving her daughters.

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