Fiery D.C. Car Accident Involving Three Vehicles Leads to Serious Injuries

Car crashes oftentimes lead to both property damage and physical injury, and they can be especially devasting when a vehicle catches fire. Fires may erupt in the aftermath of a car accident for numerous reasons. These reasons include leaking fuel tanks and lines, as well as electrical system failures. In addition to navigating property damage claims as a result of collisions, victims of these types of car accidents may experience injury as a result of the fire, such as burns or exposure to toxic fumes.

In a recent news report, three vehicles were involved in a car accident in Washington D.C. this month. The accident occurred in Southeast D.C. at the 2300 block of Southern Avenue SE at about 7:45pm. First responders arrived to the scene of the accident to find two people trapped inside one vehicle and a third person trapped in another vehicle. Two men and one woman were taken by helicopter to trauma centers. Two of the victims were in critical condition while one was in serious condition. As a result of the accident, at least one of the cars caught on fire. An investigation is taking place to determine what led to the crash.

How to Obtain Evidence To Establish Fault in Car Accidents

Obtaining evidence from the scene of a car accident is an important part of building a case when injured due to a car accident. Establishing fault after a car accident is a critical component to being able to successfully recover damages, but establishing fault can be especially tricky when an injured party must also navigate medical bills, insurance claims, and pain management. In addition, injured parties may have little memory of the accident or may not have been able to take photographs or take information down at the scene of the accident.

After ensuring that medical needs are attended to and after ensuring that everyone is safe, It is important to gather evidence as soon as possible. This may include gathering photographs of the vehicles involved, collecting eyewitness statements, getting a copy of official police reports, and reviewing medical reports. An experienced personal injury attorney can help clients as they work to gather evidence and establish fault in an accident, and as they work to navigate recovering damages.

Have You Been a Victim of a Washington D.C. Car Accident?

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