Johnson & Johnson Reportedly Set to Pay $4 Billion in Hip Replacement Settlement

Johnson & Johnson has reportedly reached a tentative agreement in regards to a class action lawsuit involving the Articular Surface Replacement, or A.S.R., the all metal hip replacement sold by DePuy which allegedly caused widespread health complications in patients who received the device.

The tentative agreement, which requires court approval, could potentially reach $ 4 billion, making it one of the largest settlements for a medical device product liability lawsuit ever.

The payout, which would apply only to individuals who have already needed to have the device removed and replaced with another artificial hip, would result in an average compensation award of approximately $350,000 per patient. The exact amounts will vary for each individual based on various factors.

The hip replacement product at issue was sold by one of Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary companies, DePuy, until mid-2010, when the company decided to recall the device. According to lawsuits, the device, which had a metal ball and a metal cup, may release metallic debris as the ball grinds within the socket causing damaged tissue, increased levels of blood toxicity, or other crippling injuries in patients.

Although the company initially insisted that they acted in an appropriate manner, internal documents uncovered during the course of the trial revealed that DePuy officials were allegedly aware that the device had a flawed design and were prone to failing prematurely at a high rate. About 93,000 patients worldwide received the affected device, with approximately one-third of them in the United States.

This case is one of the most illustrative of what products liability cases look like. Products liability is the legal principle whereby a manufacturer/creator of a product is responsible for ensuring that their product is safe for the intended use, and certain foreseeable alternative uses. Additionally, manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that products leaving their premises are free from manufacturing defects which could cause them to malfunction, posing a risk of harm of personal injury or property damage.

Manufacturers must also warn the consumer of any dangerous conditions associated with the product. The failure to warn may serve as justification for a claim by a plaintiff injured by a dangerous product.

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