LG Electronics Recalls Smart Televisions and Stands Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards

Manufacturers are entrusted to provide not only high-quality products for purchase but also safe products for consumer use. It is not uncommon for there to be various recalls at a time on various items, impacting consumers who have purchased these items and in some cases, may not even be aware of the hazards or defects. Consumers must navigate staying up-to-date on consumer recalls in order to remain safe and healthy, and manufacturers must ensure that they alert consumers properly to any of these hazards. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission may have multiple recall lawsuits occurring in response to safety recalls on products. In addition to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is also the Food and Drug Administration, the Food Safety and Inspection Services, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Coast Guard, and the Environmental Protection Agency – all agencies that may require a recall of certain products. Manufacturers should always be aware of potential defects in a product line, ensuring that any design defects are immediately responded to in order to prevent injury.

Why Are LG TVs Being Recalled?

According to a recent report, the LG 86-inch smart televisions and stands have been recalled due to tip-over and entrapment hazards. The TV can become unstable while on the stand, which can lead to injuries or deaths of children or others. LG Electronics has received 22 reports of instability, which resulted in 12 reports of tip-overs. For consumers who are using the TV’s supporting stand legs, the recall directs these users to immediately detach it and place the television in a safe location away from children. Additionally, consumers should contact LG for instructions on how to inspect the unit and obtain replacement screws and stand parts. This may also include help from a technician for a free repair.

Class action lawsuits may occur after a recall and/or injuries of multiple individuals. Class action lawsuits involve a group of individuals joining together to file a claim against a common defendant due to suffering similiar injuries.In some instances, a manufacturer may fail to issue a recall or provide adequate notice to consumers regarding design defects. In those instances, the manufacturers may face significant economic losses after lawsuits, in addition to reputational harm, amongst other types of losses. If you have suffered serious injuries due to a design defect of a product, you may be interested in consulting with an experienced attorney regarding possible claims to talk through your options.

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