Lithium-Ion Battery Fires and Explosions Pose a Danger to Washington, D.C. Residents

Battery explosions and subsequent fires can occur because of a variety of reasons. Those who suffer injuries because of a defective or dangerous product should consult an experienced Washington D.C. personal injury lawyer. Lithium-ion batteries present specific and serious hazard potentials. These batteries possess high voltage and stored energy in addition to a reaction component. Some lithium-ion battery companies implemented an additive membrane to reduce the dangers of these batteries; however, there remains a risk of explosion.

Are lithium-ion batteries dangerous?

Yes, while lithium-ion batteries have some features to protect from overheating during use, there are specific reasons why a defective battery can cause an explosion and fire. These batteries have unique safety issues because their materials are flammable and unstable when they reach an elevated temperature. As such, lithium-ion batteries possess all the elements to self-sustain a fire.

Many batteries have safety measures such as pressure-sensitive vent holes, separators that serve as a fuse, and temperature regulators. However, there are many reasons a lithium-ion battery can catch on fire. Fires may result from manufacturing defects, design flaws, improper usage, charger defects, and low-quality components. These safety issues and failures can have serious implications for large battery systems. The errors can affect a number of products such as batteries, cellphones, hoverboards, children’s toys, vehicles, and e-bikes.

For instance, recent news about a large apartment building fire attributes the incident to an e-bike battery explosion. According to reports, a lithium-ion battery in a scooter or e-bike sparked a large fire. A lithium battery power e-bike caught on fire after the battery exploded while parked on the ground floor of an apartment complex. The fire spread through empty areas of the building into the framework. The blaze made its way into the resident units on the top floor of the building. Although this was the first lithium-ion battery bike fire of the year, fire department officials explained that e-bike battery fires in cities are a growing concern.

It appears that scooters equipped with factory-installed batteries tend to be safe, and most explosions occur in “aftermarket” items. Lawsuits stemming from aftermarket dangers tend to be more complex and bring about contributory negligence and warranties issues. Those who suffered injuries after a battery explosion should contact an attorney to discuss potential rights and remedies.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Battery Fire

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