Man’s Family Finally Receives Long Awaited Settlement in Personal Injury Negligence Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania jury recently awarded a man $1.3 million for the severe injuries he sustained as a result of a fall as he was attempting to repair a 40 foot tall cell phone tower.

The lawsuit was initially filed in February of 2002, following an incident that occurred in September of 2000, when the man’s safety equipment, allegedly a defective hook on a rebar assembly, proved defective, and resulted in a bone-crushing fall that rendered him unable to work, probably for the rest of his life. He was overseeing the construction of a 350 foot communications tower.

The failed equipment caused him to fall almost straight to the ground, where he landed on his feet. As a result, he had to undergo at least nine surgeries, including three or four fusions on his right ankle and two on his left, including a more recent one on his elbow for a pinched nerve. As a result, both of his feet are fused to his ankles, his heels have screws in them, and he cannot flex or turn them. His shoes have springs in them because his feet don’t have the natural roll when he walks. He also has screws in his left elbow. He also underwent over a year of physical therapy just to walk again. He also continues to deal with pain relating to all of his injuries.

As stated, the final award will reportedly compensate the man for medical bills, attorney’s fees, and the couple will also reportedly receive a lump sum of some amount, and be allotted an additional monthly sum for living expenses.

Over the more than 11 year process since this man originally filed his lawsuit, the court narrowed down the defendant to solely the company that manufactured the defective equipment. What is probably more likely to be the case in the standard workplace or construction site lawsuit is that the individual’s employer, landowner of the site, or perhaps even a local government entity may be potentially blameworthy in a negligence case arising out of the injuries sustained or death caused.

Although workers on construction sites and their representatives may not be able to sue their employers for work-related injuries directly, they may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, disability, or any resulting death. Additionally, if a third-party aside from the employer was responsible for causing the accident, the injured party may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against that person or entity. An experienced personal injury attorney can best advise your regarding how to approach your personal injury or wrongful death case.

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