Preventing Traffic Crashes: NHTSA Unveils Enhanced 5-Star Safety Rating System for New Vehicles

In an effort to ensure that automakers are manufacturing safer cars and preventing auto defects, the NHTSA now has an improved 5-Star Safety Ratings System for new motor vehicles. The more stars a vehicle receives, the safer the vehicle. Hopefully, this will decrease the number of Washington DC car accidents.

Under the 5-Star Safety Ratings System:
• Side pole crash testing will be assessed.
• Crash prevention-technologies will be evaluated.
• Female crash test dummies will be used when simulating crash scenes involving women.

• There will be improved crash data.

The new safety rating system assesses the safety of passenger vehicles, such as vans, cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs, in the areas of side crash, frontal crash, and rollover resistance. An Overall Vehicle Score for each auto tested combines test results for all three areas and compares the results with other autos’ average injury risk and rollover potential.

NHTSA is suggesting that buyers look at motor vehicles that come with crash avoidance technologies, such as Lane departure warning (LDW), Electronic stability control, and Forward collision warning (FCW), that satisfy the 5-Star Safety Ratings minimum performance tests.

Under the new rating system, only the Hyundai Sonata and BMW 5 Series have earned 5-star ratings for 2011 models. More vehicles received 5 stars under the old rating system. NHTSA still has to test 22 more 2011 models.

Auto Products Liability

Our Washington DC products liability law firm wants to remind you that you can pursue financial recovery from an auto manufacturer if an auto defect or malfunction causes a DC car crash that results in injury or death.

Examples of auto defects:
• Seat belt defects
• Air bag defects
• Structural defects
• Weak roofs
• Seatback collapse
• Tire defects
• Window defects
• Sudden unintended acceleration

Hopefully this enhanced rating system will compel auto manufacturers to make safer cars.

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