No Criminal Charges for Death in Maryland Late Term Abortion Case

Authorities released their determination regarding the case of a 29 year old New York teacher who was admitted to the hospital after reportedly complaining of chest pain and other discomfort and died just hours later, apparently having suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity.

The investigation revealed that some four days before she died, the woman had visited a Germantown, Md., abortion clinic to begin the several day long procedure to terminate her 33 week pregnancy, which she reportedly sought after discovering her unborn child had developed fetal abnormalities.

According to other sources, following an investigation into the matter, Maryland authorities have decided to not bring any criminal charges against the doctor who performed the procedure, and further found “no deficiencies” in the woman’s care at the abortion facility.

Due to the fact that the doctor in this case was involved in at least one other case where the patient died as a result of complications caused by the attempted late term abortion, several pro-life organizations are demanding justice on behalf of this woman. Legislation has reportedly been introduced in Maryland to ban late-term abortions, except in the case of the health of the mother.

What is not being discussed, however, is the fact that while criminal charges may not be being pursued, this woman’s family may have a civil claim for a wrongful death action. Such a claim seeks to compensate the family members for the loss of the victim’s life and his or her companionship, love, and financial support that the family would have received had the victim not died.

In order to be successful in asserting a medical malpractice claim, the individuals bringing the suit must show that the physician did not act in accordance with the way that other practitioners within the same general geographic area, performing the same type of procedure, might act. In legal terms, this is referred to as negligence.

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