Premises Liability Cases after Unusual Washington, D.C. Accidents

In Washington, D.C., when someone is injured in an accident that occurs on another’s property, they usually have the option of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner to recover under a theory of premises liability. Generally, premises liability allows people to be held liable when they are negligent in regard to the safety of their property and yet invite or allow others onto it. Usually, premises liability cases involve wet floors causing a slip and fall accident, cracks in sidewalks that cause someone to trip, or other similar issues. But it is important to remember that any accident—no matter how strange or unique—can potentially serve as the basis for a Washington, D.C. personal injury lawsuit against a property owner.

For example, take a recent odd and tragic accident that killed a 26-year-old man and made national headlines. According to a New York Times article, the accident occurred in early February at a baby shower. A small cannon-type device, designed to create a big flash, a loud noise, and create smoke, exploded in the hosts’ backyard at the event around 7:30 PM. The victim, a guest at the party, was about 10 to 15 feet away when it blew up and was hit by metal shrapnel from the explosion. He was taken to the hospital immediately, but, unfortunately, he died from his injuries.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing. Officials are focusing their attention on whether the device was used properly or malfunctioned. The homeowner bought the cannon at an auction and had fired it several times beforehand. But officials are concerned that perhaps there was a malfunction—the combination of gunpowder and no regular inspections means that owners of devices such as this one may not notice hairline fractures. Or, perhaps even more likely, it’s possible the homeowner packed too much gunpowder into the cannon, causing the explosion.

Whatever the cause, this case is an example of an accident—unique as it may be—that could lead to premises liability claims against the homeowners. While the victim of the explosion was tragically killed, and thus unable to bring the personal injury lawsuit himself, his family or estate has the option of bringing the lawsuit on his behalf.

What Damages Can You Recover from a Negligent Homeowner?

If successful in proving negligence and holding the homeowner’s accountable, they could recover monetary compensation to cover the victim’s medical bills, funeral and burial costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. While this cannot bring him back and undo the tragedy that occurred, this compensation could help the family to not get crushed financially while mourning their loss.

Have You Been Injured in a Washington, D.C. Accident?

If you’ve recently suffered injuries in an accident, or know someone who did, you may be able to file a Washington, D.C. premises liability lawsuit against the property owner where the accident occurred. To learn about how to get started, contact the attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC, today. Our personal injury lawyers are zealous advocates for our clients and will work with you on every step of your lawsuit to maximize your chances for success. Call today to learn more at 800-654-1949.

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