Recently Filed Lawsuit Likely to Address the Effects of ADHD Drugs and the Wisdom of Their Use

In a lawsuit that was filed earlier this month in Virginia, a family is suing several doctors for the misdiagnosis of their son, who eventually killed himself several years after being given—and becoming addicted to—various ADHD medications by a number of doctors. The case involved the Fees, the Virginia family who lost their 24-year-old son, and two doctors who repeatedly prescribed dangerous stimulants to their son despite knowing that he had other mental issues.

The Fees allege that the doctors misdiagnosed their son with ADHD years ago and sent him down a path of unnecessary and harmful drug use—and eventually drug abuse—for a condition for which he never exhibited symptoms. They also claim that the two doctors failed to communicate with each other, and that their failure allowed their son to continue to abuse the medication even after one of the doctors stopped prescribing the drug to their son due to his other mental health issues.

Back in November of 2011, the Fees tried to contact their son, who was living in an apartment they were paying for, with no luck. When they showed up at his home, they found that he had hung himself from his closet. Although the family did not initially bring a suit against the doctors, they reconsidered that decision after an article was published in the New York Times detailing their story. Evidently, many people reached out to the family to share similar stories. After that communication, the Fees wanted to enact some sort of change in the way that doctors go about diagnosing ADHD, as well as how they readily prescribe dangerous and addictive medication to treat the disorder.

Malpractice Suits in Washington DC

Medical malpractice covers a wide area of disputes, ranging from botched surgeries to pharmacy error to incorrect diagnoses. While the definition of medical malpractice is broad, the result is all too often the same: a life cut short by the negligence of someone who was entrusted to care for the person.

In the case described above, the doctors had a duty to provide a reasonable course of treatment to the Fees’ son. However, if what the Fees allege is correct, the doctor may have violated that duty by misdiagnosing their son with ADHD and then continually prescribing a dangerous and addictive drug to treat their son’s “condition.”
Have You Been the Victim of Medical Malpractice in the Washington DC Area?

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