Staying Safe as a Maryland Pedestrian This Holiday Season

With the holidays in full swing, more foot traffic is only natural. Whether people are bustling to add finishing touches to their holiday gatherings and decorations or rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones and friends, things are always more chaotic this time of year both on the sidewalks and the streets. Whether you plan to get around this holiday by car, foot, or some combination of both, it is crucial that you remain vigilant and proactive to keep yourself and others safe.

According to a recent local news report, a nine-year-old boy is on life support after being hit by a car. Local authorities reported that the boy was leaving school on a Friday afternoon when he was hit. Police noted that the boy was attempting to cross the street to meet an adult but was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. He was found unconscious and not breathing on the scene when authorities arrived. The driver stayed on the scene following the accident and is cooperating, but it is unclear if speed was a factor in the accident. The accident remains under investigation.

How common are Maryland pedestrian accidents?

Every year, pedestrian fatalities comprise approximately 20 percent of all traffic deaths in Maryland. In addition, nearly 3,000 Maryland pedestrians are injured and 400 are struck by vehicles annually. Among individuals who are at the highest risk of getting into a pedestrian accident, pedestrians who are between the ages of five and fifteen are at the greatest risk of injuries. In fact, nearly 30 percent of injured pedestrians are under the age of 15.

As a pedestrian, there are always rules of thumb to follow to best protect yourself from distracted drivers or other external factors that could increase the risk of getting hit by a car while crossing the street. Before walking across the street, stop, look left, right, and left again and over your shoulder before crossing the street. These extra steps will help you account for cars moving on the active roadway, but also in case a vehicle takes a last-minute turn around a corner that feeds onto the road.

To the extent you can, it is best to cross the street at a crosswalk if one is available. Even though pedestrians have right of way on crosswalks, sometimes cars do not obey the rules or see pedestrians, especially if visibility is poor or weather conditions are not ideal. This is why even if pedestrians are crossing the street using a crosswalk, it is always a good idea to check both directions before stepping onto the street. In addition, sometimes waiting for a second or two after the walk sign turns on could save your life, in case a car runs a red light at the last minute and goes through the crosswalk.

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