Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, and Zyrtec Included Among 43 OTC Infant and Child Medications Recalled by Johnson & Johnson Division

In an attempt to prevent infant and child injuries and deaths, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson division, is recalling 43 over-the-counter child and infant medications after regulators discovered deficiencies at a manufacturing facility. Hundreds of thousands of medicine bottles will have to be pulled from store shelves in the US, its territories, and nine other nations.

Following a routine check of McNeil Consumer Healthcare’s Fort Washington plant, Food and Drug Administration inspectors discovered that the manufacturing process was “not in control,” which could alter the medicines’ composition. As a result, some of the medicines may have a higher concentration of an active ingredient than what is noted, may have inactive ingredients that don’t meet testing requirements, or may contain tiny particles.

Even though the chance of serious injury from the medicines is “remote,” the FDA is counseling caregivers and parents to stop using the recalled products right away. The FDA also says that if a child displays any unusual symptoms after taking one of the recalled medicines, then caregivers or parents should seek the advice of a physician. The federal agency is warning that giving children and infants the adult versions of these medications can result in serious illness or injury.

Many of the medicines recalled are among the ones most commonly used by parents and caregivers to treat their childrens’ colds and fevers. You can click on the link below to see the full list of recalled medications.

Washington DC Drug Litigation

If you or someone you love became sick from taking a dangerous or defective medication, you may have grounds for filing a Washington DC dangerous drug lawsuit. Prescription and OTC meds are supposed to improve one’s health and provide relief from symptoms, pain, and other health issues. They aren’t supposed to cause injury or make a person’s condition worse.

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