US DOT Cracks Down on Drunk Driving to Decrease Number of Car Accidents

Through Labor Day, a nationwide campaign will be in effect to discourage people from driving drunk. The U.S. Department of Transportation launched the yearly campaign on August 25th. Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest. is geared towards getting drunken motorists off the road. Thousands of police agencies across the US are taking part. It is important that motorists drive carefully to avoid causing Washington DC car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that up to 17 million people have driven while inebriated in the last year. The NHTSA surveyed 6,999 people in 2008. Among its findings:

• 20% had driven within two hours of having an alcoholic drink.
• 4 out of 5 surveyed think that driving drunk is dangerous.
• 8% admitted to getting into a car driven by someone who was likely drunk.
• Males in the 21-24 age group were more likely to ride with a drunk driver.
• 40% of the drivers who admitted to driving within two hours of imbibing alcohol said they believed they could still drive after three drinks.

• 11% said they could drive after five drinks.

Considering that most people consider driving drunk to be a threat to personal and public safety it is a wonder that there are those that continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol. As Governors Highway Safety Association Vernon Betke has said, the number of traffic deaths would be reduced by half if motorists stopped driving drunk and everyone used seatbelts.

Some Steps to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents:
• Don’t drink if you are the designated driver.
• If you think the driver is drunk, don’t get in the car.
• Try to persuade the drunk driver to get out of the car.
• Keep emergency cab money and your cell phone with you if there is a possibility that you or the designated driver will drink.

• Keep away from motorists on the road that are driving erratically.

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