Vehicle Crashes into Washington D.C Building

Vehicle-into-building and vehicle-into-outdoor dining accidents occur more frequently than many people might think. These dangerous Washington D.C. crashes can result in severe injuries to pedestrians, restaurant employees, and patrons. With growing concerns about indoor dining, many restaurants are taking over roadways. This increasing number of outdoor dining options can lead to uninformed and unaware drivers crashing into patrons.

For example, the New York Times recently published a piece on a fatal accident outside a Washington D.C. restaurant. According to an investigation, an older driver lost control of his car and slammed into an outdoor seating area at a popular Washington D.C. restaurant. The crash occurred during the Friday lunchtime rush. A witness said that the driver appeared to be driving so fast and “just slammed” into the curb and the tables. Eleven people suffered injuries in the accident, and two women died in the crash. Investigators believe the incident was an accident, and the driver might have pressed his accelerator instead of his brakes.

After an accident like this, the injury victims or their families should consult with an attorney to determine all potentially liable parties. In addition to the negligent driver, business owners may be held liable for their conduct. Business owners should be aware of the threat of accidents and ensure their customers’ safety. They can install hardware to protect their storefronts, pedestrians, and patrons. In response to the growing concern of these accidents, a company began to install bollards to protect the area from vehicles. However, there are no standard testing procedures to prove whether these posts provide enough protection.

Many of the attempts to protect pedestrians and patrons have fallen short. However, restaurant owners should take steps to avoid these types of accidents. Some common ways to prevent these accidents are installing bollards, fences, walls, planters, and decorative benches. These items can alert drivers to an enclosed area and buffer any potential crashes.

Injury victims may also hold the negligent driver liable for their damages. Drivers maintain the duty of care to operate their car safely. Motorists unfamiliar with an area should proceed with caution to ensure that they are not encroaching upon outdoor dining or any unexpected road closures. The failure to do so may have deadly consequences.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Washington, D.C. Personal Injury Cases

The statute of limitations for Washington, D.C. personal injury cases is generally three years. However, there are certain circumstances where accident victims are allowed more time to file a claim. If you’ve been injured in an accident, reach out to a D.C. injury lawyer to learn more about the deadlines that may apply to your case.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Washington D.C. Accident

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