Washington D.C. Product Liability Lawsuits

Washington D.C. product liability lawsuits typically arise after someone is injured or killed because a product is defectively designed, manufactured, or lacks the appropriate warnings. Washington D.C. product liability laws encourage companies to act responsibly when releasing their products into the stream of commerce. Companies who fail to abide by safety regulations and rules may face liability for the injuries their product caused.

A product may be defective when it is capable of inflicting significant harm to a consumer. Washington D.C. injury victims may face difficulties establishing that a product is faulty, depending on the complexity and specific deficiency of the product. Design defect claims arise when the product is inherently dangerous based on its design. Manufacturing claims occur when the product has an appropriate design, but is defective because of a manufacturing error. Finally, defective warning claims arise when someone is injured because the product lacked adequate warnings. Product liability lawsuits are commonly brought based on defective pharmaceuticals, appliances, motor vehicles, toys, medical devices, and dangerous chemicals.

For example, recently, a national news report described a disastrous chemical explosion at a popular chain restaurant. A toxic mixture of cleaning agents led to the death of the restaurant’s general manager and the hospitalization of several patrons. The incident occurred after an employee mixed a bleach cleaner and detergent to clean the kitchen floor. The combination of the products resulted in lethal fumes. The cleanser is a popular restaurant and food service cleaning agent. The detergent’s information sheet indicates that it is not compatible with strong acids. However, an investigation into the incident and the product is still ongoing as the community copes with the tragic accident.

Those affected by a dangerous product may find that multiple parties are responsible for their injuries. Depending on the type and extent of injuries, Washington D.C. injury victims may hold the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor of a product responsible for their damages. It may be difficult to recover damages for product injuries when the product has a warning or a disclaimer. However, this challenge may be overcome if the plaintiff establishes that the product’s warning was unclear or insufficient.

Victims should also know that they may hold foreign companies liable for their injuries, as well. Courts can establish jurisdiction in these cases because many corporations have offices or retail outlets in the United States. In cases where the foreign company does not have appropriate contacts to the United States to meet jurisdictional requirements, an injury victim may try to hold the distributor liable. These cases can be challenging, and injury victims should contact a Washington D.C. injury attorney to discuss their case.

Have You Suffered Injuries after Using a Defective Product?

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