Washington DC has a Deadly July for Bicyclists

Commuting by bicycle in a densely populated city is a common and sensible way to save money on auto expenses and parking, and many DC residents use a bike to run errands or get to work each day. Using a bicycle in a crowded city like Washington DC can be dangerous. July was especially deadly for bicyclists in the District, as three fatal accidents occurred. In the most recent incident, a woman was killed after she was struck by a semi-truck and pulled under the wheels near a construction site.

According to a local news report discussing the most recent bicycle fatality in the city, the victim was cycling to work at her job with the State Department when she was hit by a large commercial truck and run over. The truck that hit her was involved in a road construction project nearby. The article notes that the truck involved in the crash did not have a guard to prevent someone from being pulled under the truck. Such a guard is required for vehicles registered in DC, though the truck at issue was registered in Maryland, so it’s unclear whether any enforceable regulations were being violated.

How Can Motorists Avoid Bicycle Accidents?

DC drivers need to be extra attentive and careful when driving near bicyclists. This is especially true in areas with construction or road closures, because bike lanes are often reduced or eliminated during construction, and bicyclists must be allowed to use a full lane without fear of being hit by a car. Unfortunately, these recent fatal accidents demonstrate that many drivers are not paying enough attention. Bicyclists who are hurt or killed by a negligent driver may be entitled to significant compensation for their injuries and loss.

In instances where applicable safety laws and regulations concerning driving habits or equipment requirements are not being followed and an accident occurs, the negligence of a defendant may be clear. If a law or regulation is being violated, and a plaintiff can show that the violation was the cause of their injury, then the law assumes the defendant to be negligent, and the plaintiff should be entitled to full compensation for their injuries. In some cases, liability and fault are harder to determine, and an investigation may be necessary. An experienced DC personal injury attorney can be that important evidence is gathered to support your case by performing a thorough investigation of what occurred, beyond simply reviewing police reports and witness statements.

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