Washington DC Construction Accident: Worker Nearly Buried in Trench Dies

A worker is dead following a DC construction accident on Thursday. The man suffered fatal injuries when a large quantity of clay dirt fell on him, trapping him in a trench where utility work was being done. The site where the incident happened is a house under construction.

75 rescue and fire workers spent three hours trying to save him. Heavy, wet dirt had fallen around the worker. Although there was a space left around his upper torso and rescuers could see the top of his head, it wasn’t until a medic hooked him to a heart-monitoring device that it was confirmed that the construction worker had died.

The trench the construction worker was trapped in was about 20 feet long and 12 to 15 feet deep. His body was finally extricated nearly seven hours after the DC work accident. His cause of death appears to be fatal “compression” injuries.

DC Construction Accidents

Injuries in many construction accidents can be so severe that many workers who sustained catastrophic injuries may not be able to work again or find themselves disabled for life. There are also those workers who are not fortunate enough to survive their injuries.

Although you likely cannot sue an employer over work accident, there may be third parties involved in the project who can and should be held liable. It is important that you explore your legal options as soon as possible with an experienced Washington DC personal injury law firm.

Common Construction Accidents:
• Falls from roofs
• Scaffolding fools
• Elevator shaft falls
• Crane collapse
• Falling objects
• Machinery accidents
• Falls through floors
• Machinery or equipment defects
• Motor vehicle accidents
• Electrical accidents
• Explosions
• Trench collapses
• Fires
• Gas blasts
• Welding accidents
• Ladder-related accidents
Serious Construction Accident Injuries:
• Head injury
• Traumatic brain injury
• Cumulative trauma disorder
• Spinal cord injuries
• Nerve damage
• Severed limbs
• Paralysis
• Burn injuries
• Limb loss
• Hearing loss
• Broken bones
• Blindness
• Suffocation
• Amputations
• Infected wounds
• Dislocated shoulder
• Fractures
• White finger syndrome
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