Washington DC Lawmakers Support National Nursing Home Week

Today marks the end of National Nursing Home Week. The week honors nursing home workers, professionals, residents, volunteers, and family members for their contributions to their communities.

National Nursing Home Week was established by the American Health Care Association. Last month, Representative Michael Arcuri (D-NY) introduced Resolution 1291, which supports the designated week. This year’s theme has been “Enriching Every Day.” Our Washington DC nursing home neglect and abuse law firm wants to honor those who do everything to make assisted living facility residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Visiting Your Loved One at a Nursing Home

It is important to visit your family member once they’ve moved into the assisted living facility. Not only will you be giving him/her emotional support and maintaining your connection with each other, but also physically going to the assisted living facility will allow you to take part in your relative’s care.

The Ribbon.com offers a number of recommendations for activities you can engage in when visiting a nursing home:

• Talk to your loved one
• Watch his/her body language for signs of loneliness, depression, abuse or neglect
• Take any complaints seriously
• Help the patient with leg or arm exercises
• Go for a walk together on the grounds or up and down the hall
• Bring gifts, such as flowers, mementos, family photos, or favorite foods
• Listen to music together
• Help with letter writing
• Share a meal together
• Check in with staff members about your loved one’s care
• Look around to make sure that the nursing home is still the kind of place where you feel comfortable letting your loved one live

Your physical presence also makes staff members aware that you are watching out for your loved one and monitoring their care and well-being. If you suspect Washington DC nursing home abuse your neglect, you may want to consider immediately removing your loved one from the assisted living facility.

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