Washington DC Medical Malpractice: Most Doctors Will Be Sued by Age 65, Says New England Journal of Medicine

According to an article published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, most doctors will face at least one medical malpractice lawsuit as a defendant by the time they turn 65. Their findings come from looking at the files of a national malpractice insurance carrier.

The five most-sued specialties, with its doctors having a 99% chance of being sued by the time they celebrate their 65th birthday, are:

• Thoracic cardiovascular surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Orthopedic surgery
• General surgery
• Plastic surgery

The odds of getting sued by the same age in the 5 least sued specialties is 75%:

• Pediatrics
• Psychiatry
• Dermatology
• Family medicine
• A category referred to as “other specialties”

Yet, according to the study, even with these odds, most plaintiffs will never receive payment in the form of a jury verdict or settlement. Only 22% of medical malpractice cases result in actual payment each year. The average payment size ranged from $117,832 for dermatology malpractice to $520,932 for pediatrician medical malpractice.

Washington DC Medical Malpractice

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