Washington DC Nursing Negligence: Socialite Karen Feld Accuses Private Nurse of Neglect and Fraud

Karen Feld, a socialite and a former DC gossip columnist, is suing Inger Sheinbaum, her former home-care companion and private nurse, for $1.5 million. Feld is alleging Washington DC nursing home neglect and fraud.

According to Feld, Sheinbaum lied about her qualifications as a registered nurse, failed to perform the nursing duties she was hired for, and allowed men who didn’t have permission into the 62-year-old woman’s hospital room. Feld, who had to undergo brain surgery in January 2008, hired the 61-year-old nurse because she needed 24-hour nursing care while she recovered.

Feld claims that Sheinbaum was away during numerous “critical junctures.” After one week of employment, Sheinbaum resigned. The nurse claims that Feld allegedly attacked her during a rant that included profanity. Sheinbaum’s legal representation says that the Washington DC injury lawsuit is unfounded.

Washington DC Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home abuse can happen at an assisted living facility or in a private residence. If you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important that you remove your loved one from the situation right away as their health and safety may be at serious risk.

People hire a private nurse or check into a Washington DC nursing home because they cannot live alone and/or need medical help. Failure to provide that care or intentionally inflicting harm on the patient is nursing home negligence.

Unfortunately, sick and elderly people are easy targets when it comes to abuse and neglect. It doesn’t help that victims are often too sick, frail, or scared to report what is happening to them.

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