Washington DC Paramedics Under Investigation in Death of 2-Year-Old Girl

The D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services is investigating whether Washington DC paramedic errors occurred during the handling of a 911 call about a 2-year-old girl. The toddler was having breathing problems early on the morning of February 10 when paramedics arrived to examine her.

The girl was not taken to the hospital and the paramedics left. About nine hours later, another 911 call was made about the same 2-year-old. This time, she was transported to Children’s National Medical Center. The girl died the next day.

Now, questions have surfaced as to why paramedics didn’t take her to the hospital sooner. A number of emergency workers who responded to the 911 call have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation takes place.

Washington DC Paramedic Malpractice

EMT’s and paramedics are often the first line of defense when it comes to saving the life of a person who is having a medical emergency. People don’t usually contact 911 for a minor medical symptom. Usually, there is a life or death situation occurring and someone needs medical help immediately.

Failure to provide that immediate medical care and evaluation can prove fatal—especially when a paramedic arrives at the scene and wrongly diagnoses a situation so that the patient doesn’t get the proper medical care that could save his/her life.

This is not the first time DC paramedics have come under scrutiny for their handling of emergency situations. In 2008, 38-year-old Edward L. Givens was examined by paramedics at his Northeast Washington residence. The paramedics left 12 minutes after arriving. He died from a heart attack hours later.

In 2006, paramedics failed to rush New York Times Reporter David E. Rosenbaum to the hospital after he was beaten and mugged. The medical workers thought that he was drunk. He died from his injuries. Rosenbaum’s family has settled their Washington DC wrongful death lawsuit with the District.

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