Washington DC Pedestrian Accident Kills 11-Year-Old Boy in Georgetown

11-year-old Zachary Hodges has died. The boy passed away on July 12 one day after sustaining a severe head injury during a Georgetown pedestrian accident in Washington DC.

The woman whose car struck Hodges did not sustain any injuries. Following the Washington DC pedestrian accident site, the driver and her passenger stayed at the crash site.

Hodges is not from the area. His family was in Washington DC for a visit when the tragic accident occurred.

Child Pedestrians

Young children are at high risk of becoming involved in a pedestrian accident. Not only are they smaller and harder for some motorists to see, but they lack the judgment to known when it is safe to cross the street, sometimes opting to run into the road to pick up a ball or get to their friends who are playing on the opposite sidewalk. Many young children have no real sense that crossing the street can be dangerous. They may have a hard time gauging how fast a car is moving or whether there is enough time to cross the road before they are hit by a motor vehicle.

Although parents are responsible for training their child to safely cross the street and making sure that younger kids do not cross the street without adult supervision, it is still a motorist’s responsibility to drive safely, obey the traffic laws, and refrain from negligent or careless driving so that they don’t accidentally injure a pedestrian.

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