Washington DC Slip and Fall: An Injury Accident that May Be Grounds for a Lawsuit

Every year, thousands of people are hurt in slip and fall accidents. While this type of injury accident sounds simple and harmless enough—how dangerous can a simple slip accident while standing be? Our DC premises liability lawyers have seen enough slip and fall injuries to tell you that they can often be painful, debilitating, and costly.

A simple slip on liquid on the ground or a rough patch of ice or any other slippery item on a flat surface or staircase can lead to broken bones, displaced hips, back injuries, and in some cases, traumatic brain injury resulting in death. Whether or not you have grounds for a Washington DC slip and fall case will depend on where the accident happened, who owns the property where the accident occured, and whether there is a premise owner or another party who was responsible for making sure that this type of injury accident didn’t happen.

Usually, the property owner or someone must have cause the spill or other slip hazard, knew that there was a dangerous area but did nothing to remedy or repair it, or didn’t know about it but should have known about the slip danger because that is what a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have done. Of course, each Washington DC slip and fall case is unique and the specifics of each accident, as well as how much evidence can be gathered, play a role in determining liability. Your case may even require the help of an experienced expert that knows how to prove exactly how your slip and fall accident happened.

Recovery from a slip and fall accident can take months, and for some people, permanent injury can result. An elderly person who shatters his/her hip may no longer be able to walk without the use of a cane or wheelchair. A teenager who strikes his/head against the pavement may die from a permanent brain injury. The sooner you have someone working on your case, the better your chances of obtaining the best outcome possible.

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