With Summer Here There Are Steps Teen Drivers Can Take to Avoid Causing Washington DC Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous time for drivers in the 15 – 20 age group—not to mention that car crashes are the number one cause of all teen fatalities. Traffic safety experts say that one reason for the increase in teen traffic deaths during this time of the year is that with school out many teenagers have more free time on their hands without parental supervision and later curfews. All of these factors can lead to more hours spent on the road at night, a period of day where teens are at higher risk of crashing their motor vehicles.

Summer parties and more social outings can also turn underage drinking into a greater concern now than during the regular school year. According to the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, which combats underage drinking and drunk driving in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, there is a 50% increase in teen drunk driving fatalities during the summertime.

Steps that teens can take to prevent injury to themselves or others in a Washington DC traffic crash:

• Don’t drink and drive
• Don’t talk on the cell phone or text message while driving
• Avoid driving late at night or when you are tried
• Obey the speed limit
• Wear your seat belt

It is important that parents supervise their teens’ driving habits, while making sure that they are educated about the dangers of careless and reckless driving. Motorists can be held liable for Washington DC personal injury or wrongful death in the event that their negligence hurts or kills another person.

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