110,000 Toyota Pickup Trucks Recalled in Washington DC, Maryland, and 19 Other States Because of Worries that Excessive Rust Can Lead to Brake Failure and the Dislodging of Spare Tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling 11,000 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks in the District of Columbia and 20 US states, including Maryland. The recall was announced due to concern that road salt can cause the vehicle’s frame to corrode excessively. The recall only affects Toyota Tundras, model years 2000 – 2003, registered in US states where chemical-de-icers are used on roads during winter weather.

The NHTSA says Toyota will replaced any damage to a vehicle’s frame or place a rust-resistant compound on the affected area. There is concern that corrosion may cause the vehicle’s spare tire, which is stored in the motor vehicle, to dislodge and fall onto the road (posing a potential road hazard) or on another vehicle. The development of rust on the vehicle can also lead to brake failure if the rear brake lines become damaged.

Considering that drivers need their brakes to work properly so that they can stop their vehicles, having brakes that don’t work properly can prove catastrophic. Brake failure can cause a vehicle to collide into another auto/solid, nonmoving object, strike a pedestrian, or drive into oncoming traffic.

The federal government has received at least 20 complaints that the corrosion has caused causing brake problems or spare tire separation.

Motor vehicle defects can cause serious injuries, as evidenced by the tragic accident that compelled Toyota to recall 3.8 million motor vehicles last September because of concerns that the floor mat on the driver’s side can jam the accelerator. A family died last August because of this very defect.

Auto defects can be grounds for a Washington DC auto products liability lawsuit by the victim or surviving family members.

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