Preventing Washington DC Injuries to Children: CPSC Recalls 2.1 Million Drop-Side Cribs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the largest recall for cribs US history this week. Along with crib maker Stork Craft Manufacturing, the CPSC is recalling over 2.1 million drop-side cribs. 147,000 cribs come with the Fisher-Price logo. 1,213,000 of the crib units were distributed in the United States. The rest of the units were distributed in Canada.

Some 110 drop-side detachment incidents have been reported in connection with the Stork Craft cribs. 15 of the incidents involved entrapment accidents; 4 of them resulted in suffocation accidents. 20 drop-side detachment incidents resulted in fall accidents. 4 incidents resulted in crib-related deaths.

The CPSC and Stork Craft want adults and guardians to stop letting their children use the Stork Craft cribs until they receive and use their free repair kit.

Drop-Side Cribs

While drop side cribs provide the convenience of allowing adults to lift and lower one side of the crib so that a child can easily be lifted and lowered onto the mattress, there have been numerous reports of injuries involving these infant beds. Assembly errors, design defects, and parts malfunctions have been known to cause multiple injuries and deaths. In the last two years alone, the CPSC has recalled over 5 million drop-side cribs.

According to, crib accidents cause 50 infant deaths and 12,000 baby injuries a year. Parents may be able to hold a crib manufacturer liable for Washington DC products liability involving injuries to minors and children if their child is seriously injured or killed because a crib was defectively designed or manufactured.

The CPSC is looking at whether to implement mandatory crib design standards, which could result in a ban of drop-side cribs. Already, Suffolk County in New York has announced a ban that will go into effect in February 2010.

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