47-Year-Old Cyclist Killed in Washington, D.C. Bicycle Accident

Earlier this month, a Washington D.C. cyclist was killed in a tragic accident at the intersection of 10th Street and Michigan Avenue, Northeast. Washington, D.C. bicycle accidents are a major concern for city residents, especially since bicyclists lack the protection from crashes than those in larger vehicles—such as cars, buses, and trucks might have. Bicycles also lack the safety features of other vehicles, such as airbags and emergency brakes. Because of their increased risk, cyclists in Washington, D.C., should always be as careful as possible while riding on the roads.

The recent tragic accident happened around 11 AM one morning. According to a local news article, the cyclist, a 47-year-old man, was struck by a driver in a car and suffered severe injuries. He was taken to the hospital by firefighters and EMS personnel, where he later died from his injuries. Not much more is known about the accident or the cause. But this incident serves as an example of a much larger problem—the safety of D.C.’s roads for cyclists.

Colleen Costello is an advisory neighborhood commissioner in D.C.’s Brookland, Michigan Park, and University Heights neighborhoods. She spoke to the news after the accident, saying that speeding along Michigan Avenue has become a major point of concern. “Michigan Avenue basically serves as this dangerous divide between our community where it’s not easy for people on foot or on bike to cross safely,” she said. She then continued, “We have a lot of seniors and a lot of young families and everybody in between and we all deserve to feel like we can cross the street without getting struck by a car.”

Costello’s concerns of Michigan Avenue may be true of other parts of the city as well. The data shows that there have been 497 crashes in D.C. so far this year, and 16% have involved either a pedestrian or a bicycle. The local government is committed to reducing the danger, and the number of accidents—and fatalities—that happen each year. And of course, bicyclists can take their own steps to protect themselves, by riding carefully, wearing all protective equipment, and following the rules of the road.

What Should Bicyclists Do After an Unavoidable Collision?

There may be situations where avoiding an accident is impossible, and the city is a long way away from eliminating all bicycle crashes. While the damage that occurs in these crashes cannot be undone, the law does provide those injured a remedy through a personal injury lawsuit. Washington, D.C. residents who are injured in a bicycle crash have the option of filing a civil negligence suit against whoever was responsible for the crash. For example, if a cyclist is hit by a driver who is texting while driving, the cyclist can bring suit and have the driver pay for their medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. These lawsuits can be a very important way for D.C. cyclists to recover and move on with their lives after a life-changing accident.

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