Washington, D.C. Driver Dies in Apparent Single-Vehicle Crash

Sometimes, in the aftermath of Washington, D.C. car accidents, it is very clear what happened and who was at fault. But just as often, it is unclear what led to the accident. In some situations, it may be extremely difficult to figure out what happened and why. This is especially the case when the people involved in the accident passed away due to their injuries. In these circumstances, the family may be left with hundreds of questions while mourning their loss.

For example, take a recent fatal Washington, D.C. accident. Tragedy struck last month when a man was killed after his car went off the road, down an embankment, and struck a tree. According to a news article covering the accident, police and firefighters were called to the scene around 12:06 AM near Canal Road NW in the vicinity of the Maryland state line. Firefighters worked to rescue the driver of the car, who was trapped inside. Around 12:45 AM, they were able to free him and bring him to an area hospital. Unfortunately, he later died from his injuries.

The deceased driver was the only person in the car at the time of the crash, meaning he may be the only one present at the time of the accident. But while this may look at first glance like a single-vehicle crash, it is very possible that it was caused by another negligent driver. At times, another driver and vehicle can cause a major, even fatal, accident without actually getting into the crash themselves. For example, it’s possible that another driver, heading in the opposite direction, was drifting into the other lane and caused the first driver to swerve off the road. A negligent driver also could have made a sudden and improper stop, or been distracted while driving, causing the intense swerve. The negligent driver may have not even seen the car swerving and going off the road. Or, they might have, but decided to leave the scene of the accident rather than staying and potentially getting in legal trouble. Whatever the reason, it cannot be assumed that this crash was actually just a single-vehicle one.

Of course, truly figuring out what happened in the crash can be a difficult task, but an important one for family members trying to put together the pieces while mourning their loved one. An investigator can help figure it out, and many families also choose to work with law enforcement officials in this regard. Throughout the process, it is advised the people work with a personal injury attorney to make sure that while the investigation continues the family is protecting their legal right to sue.

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