Botox May Get Rid of More than Wrinkles, Says New Study

According to a new study, Botox not only smooths wrinkles, but it may also dull your ability to comprehend other people’s emotions. This latest finding was published in the Social Psychology and Personality Science this week. Our Washington DC Injury Lawyer Blog team will continue monitor this story in the event that there are more developments.

One of the cosmetic uses for Botox is to paralyze the muscles so as to reduce facial movements that can lead to wrinkles. USC psychology professor David Neal, who is the research’s lead author, says that if someone’s “muscular signals to the brain are dampened” he/she is likely “less able to read emotions.” He wants Botox users should think about whether getting injections of the botulinum toxin is decreasing their ability to comprehend people’s emotions and empathize. Another study published in the journal Emotion last year found that Botox might inhibit a person’s ability to feel emotions.

Controversy over whether the benefits of Botox outweigh the risks has been going on for some time now. While there are known medical benefits when Botox is used to treat certain conditions, serious side effects have included aspiration pneumonia, partial paralysis, and death.

Just this week, a federal jury started hearing one man’s products liability lawsuit against Allergan over his personal injuries that he claims are Botox-related. Douglas Ray Jr. claims that the drug, which he took to alleviate writer’s cramp, left him totally disabled and with brain damage.

Ray, 65, contends that the drug manufacturer promoted that Botox could be used to treat writer’s cramp and hand tremors—even though the US Food and Drug Administration had not approved Botox for these uses. He contends that he experienced a severe immune reaction to the drug, which resulted in his permanent injuries. Ray is seeking more than $20 million.

Washington DC Products Liability

A person who is injured or gets sick from taking a defective or dangerous drug, or one that has side effects that a manufacturer never warned about, may be able to file a Washington products liability lawsuit to recover damages.

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