Six Construction Workers Presumed Dead After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, Maryland led to widespread destruction and the tragic death of six construction workers. According to CNN, a large container ship lost power and crashed into the bridge in the early morning hours. As a result of the collision, the bridge collapsed, and several vehicles fell into the water. Tragically, eight construction workers were inside the vehicles when they fell. Two people were rescued and later discharged from the hospital. The U.S. Coast guard has ended its search for the other six workers, who are presumed dead. The bridge collapse has halted the flow of traffic and container ships in and out of Baltimore. It will likely take years to rebuild.

Who Can Sue a Ship’s Owner for Damages?

Multiple parties may file a claim for economic and non-economic damages against the ship’s owner. According to the Associated Press, the deceased construction workers’ families may be able to sue for wrongful death. In Maryland, a deceased person’s spouse, parents, and/or children may bring a wrongful death action. Filing a Maryland wrongful death action may allow a deceased person’s loved ones to recover damages for harm resulting from the victim’s death. A person filing a wrongful death action can recover compensation for the deceased’s lost future earnings, emotional pain and suffering, loss of the deceased’s companionship, or loss of parental care, among other damages. However, when suing a company such as a ship owner, the ship’s insurer may seek to limit its liability by asking the judge to impose a cap on the maximum amount of damages it would pay. In this scenario, the plaintiffs would need to respond quickly to ensure the cap is high enough to adequately compensate for their harm. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you act quickly if an insurance carrier attempts to cap your damages award.

On the other hand, businesses whose bottom line will suffer from the collapse may not be able to recover damages against the ship’s owner. A lawsuit for economic damages involving a cargo ship would likely pose complex questions of maritime law, which tends to bar recovery for pure economic loss. Unless the plaintiff has also suffered physical harm, they likely cannot recover damages solely for economic harm. The only exception is for pollution-related losses such as oil spills, which are different from the Baltimore bridge collapse.

Do You Need a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney?

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