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According to Allstate Insurance, Baltimore and Washington DC rank second to last respectively among the country’s 200 largest cities when it comes to having the best drivers. While drivers in Fort Collins, Colorado, the city that ranked number one, on average get into car accidents just once every 14.5 years, District drivers get into Washington DC car accidents approximately once every 5.1 years—a 96% higher rate than that of the average US motorist. Meantime, Baltimore motorists are 79% more likely to get into a Maryland car accident than the average US driver. The two cities’ rankings were the same as from the year before.

Our Maryland and Washington DC car accident law firm wants to remind you that we offer free case evaluations to traffic accident victims and their families in both states. It is important that you have an injury team advocating on your behalf to ensure that you receive all the personal injury and wrongful death recovery owed yo you.

Steps that you can take to avoid causing a Washington DC motor vehicle crash:
• Don’t drive drunk
• Make sure that your vehicle is up to date on all maintenance checks
• Don’t text message while driving
• Avoid speeding
• Avoid following too closely behind the car in front of you
• Don’t let your anger get the better of you and turn into an aggressive driver
• Adjust your driving according to the weather, road, and traffic conditions
• Keep both eyes on the road
• Avoid distracted driving
Sixth Annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report™” Reveals New Safest Driving City, Allstate, September 22, 2010

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According to a new report, the local governments in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia are doing a good job in their efforts to crack down on distracted driving. The report from the Governors Highway Safety Association is called “Curbing Distracted Driving: 2010 Survey of State Safety Programs.”

The report notes that combating distracted driving has become a priority for many states, with many of them enacting tougher laws and coming up with more education programs and media campaigns to educate people about the dangers of driving while distracted. The District (along with Maryland and 42 other state) also now make it a point to collect distracted driving data when Washington DC motor vehicle crashes occur. Also, Washington DC now includes the issue of distracted driving in its driver education classes and driver’s license test, while using social networking sites to make known the dangers of cell phone talking and texting while driving.

The GHSA’s report, however, does note that more effort across the board needs to be made to get teenagers to become more aware that distracted driving is dangerous. Seeing as multi-tasking while driving is dangerous for even the most experienced drivers, it is important that teens, who have the least amount of experience when it comes to operating a motor vehicle, have their full attention on the task at hand so that they don’t increase their chance of injury or death.

Distracted driving has fast become a leading cause of US car crashes—especially with the so many people using cell phones to talk and text while driving. According to AAA, distracted driving is a cause of about 3 million auto accidents each years.

Our Washington DC car accident lawyers know how devastating it is to lose someone you love in a motor vehicle crash that could have been prevented were it not for other parties’ negligence.

Region’s Distracted Driving Crackdown Gets High Marks, WJLA, June 16, 2010
Curbing Distracted Driving: 2010 Survey of State Safety Programs, GHSA
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Constance Holden, 68, died on April 12 after she was in a Washington DC bicycle collision with a five-ton truck. The Washington DC truck crash occurred at the intersection of 12th Street and New York Avenue, NW.

The truck involved in the catastrophic traffic accident was a DC National Guard truck. The vehicle was doing motorcade security work for the Nuclear Security Summit.

The cause of the Washington DC truck accident has yet to be determined. The National Guard vehicle was accompanied by a human escort as it made its way through crowds.

Washington DC Bicycle Accidents

Without air bags, seat belts, and the body of a motor vehicle to protect a cyclist from the impact of collision, he or she is at risk of serious injury in the event of a traffic crash. Wearing a bicycle helmet and protective clothing is not enough to prevent serious injuries and deaths.

While bicyclist negligence is a common cause of bicycle crashes, many bicycle injuries and deaths happen because the driver of the vehicle involved was negligent, reckless, distracted, or careless. Unfortunately, many motorists forget that they share the roads with pedalcyclists, and they may not watch out for them or notice when they are there.

Common causes of bicycle crashes involving negligent drivers:

• Pulling out onto street in front of a pedalcyclist
• Attempting to turn in front of the bicyclist
• Driver inattention
• Distracted driving
• Failure to yield at an intersection
• Failure to stop at a red light
• Running a stop sign
• Neglecting to look both ways before proceeding
• Drunk driving
• Speeding
• Following too closely
• Driving under the influence of drugs
• Texting while driving
• Talking on a cell phone
Bicyclist Dies in Collision With DC Guard Truck, NBC Washington, April 13, 2010
Cyclist killed in collision with nuclear summit motorcade, CNN, April 13, 2010
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