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When a worker suffers injuries at work or during a work-related event, they may collect damages for their injuries. The workers’ compensation framework often limits an injury victim’s ability to file a claim against their employer. Unlike Washington D.C. personal injury claims, workers’ compensation law does not require the claimant to establish their employer’s fault. However, recovery through the workers’ compensation program may not cover the extent of a worker’s losses. An attorney can help injury victims determine whether a third-party lawsuit provides a viable route to relief in those situations.

Third-party liability refers to situations where an entity separate from the employer causes a workplace incident. In most situations, a victim cannot file a third-party lawsuit against a supervisor or worker. However, these claims may be appropriate in cases such as those involving:

  • Manufacturing defects;
  • Negligent drivers who cause car accidents to a worker on the job; or
  • Visitors who cause injuries to the employee.

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