CPSC Recalls “ChildESIGNS” and Generation 2 Worldwide Drop-Side Cribs Following Three Child Deaths

Our Washington DC products liability attorneys are concerned about the dangers that poorly designed cribs post to young children. On Tuesday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it is recalling all “ChildESIGNS” and Generation 2 Worldwide drops side cribs following three infant deaths. The CPSC says these cribs are very dangerous and pose suffocation and strangulation risks to children. The CPSC wants caregivers and parents to stop using these cribs right away.

The three babies died after the drop side on their cribs detached and they got stuck between the mattress and the drop side. The first crib entrapment death happened in September 2002 when the six-month old infant suffocated. The drop side became detached because it was missing two screws.

The entrapment death, involving an 8-month-old victim, happened in October 2003 after the drop side’s plastic hardware broke. In July 2007, an 8-month-old child suffocated during an entrapment accident.

There have been 20 other reported drop side incidents involving the recalled cribs. Two children survived their entrapment accidents, although one child sustained bruises. Five kids fell from their cribs when the drop sides detached. One child broke an arm.

Eight other incidents involved the mattress support detaching. In three of these crib accidents, three kids became entrapped between the mattress and the crib frame while four kids were able to crawl out of the crib. One child suffered bruises and cuts.

Generation 2 is no longer in operation.

Drop-Side Crib Dangers

As more drop-side cribs are recalled because of the possible entrapment, strangulation, and fall hazards they pose to infants and toddlers, it is no longer possible to ignore the dangers that this type of crib can pose because of the way they are designed. Millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled over the past couple of years. Some crib manufacturers are even proposing a ban on drop-side cribs.

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