220 Washington DC Abuse Allegations Against Teachers Reported during ’08 – ’09 Academic Year

According to police, school officials reported 220 incidents of teachers allegedly physically or verbally abusing students in an attempt to discipline them. Acts of corporal punishment allegedly included slapping, choking, shoving, and kicking. The Washington Post obtained information about these abuse allegations using the Freedom of Information Act.

There is no clear information as to whether teachers were disciplined or charged criminally for assaulting the students or if follow-up investigations ensued. However, according to Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee, some of the teachers laid off last October had physically assaulted or had sexual relationships with students or missed 78 school days.

Under District law, teachers are allowed to use force against a student in order to defend others, as an act of self-defense, or to keep order. Principals are required to report any allegations of sexual misconduct or corporal punishment by teachers to a private security system, whose officers must then report the incidents to police.

Injuries to Minors

If you believe that your child was the victim of unnecessary use of force by a teacher or anyone else, you may be able to file a Washington DC injuries to minors claim on their behalf. Teachers are in a position of power when it comes to supervising their students. This does not mean that they can abuse that power by verbally abusing, molesting, or physically assaulting a student. Physical, mental, and emotional injuries may result that can damage the child.

School officials have a duty of care to ensure that students are not harmed while on the premise. Failure to remove any hazardous conditions or dangerous persons from the school grounds may be grounds for a Washington DC injury lawsuit if injuries result.

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