D.C. Police Cruiser Involved in Near-Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Earlier this month, a Washington, D.C. police cruiser was involved in a serious accident with a pedestrian, nearly claiming the pedestrian’s life and injuring the officer as well. According to one local news source, the accident took place at around 1:45 in the afternoon, near the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and L Street NW, just north of Farragut Square.

Evidently, the pedestrian was walking across Connecticut Avenue when a police cruiser came speeding into the intersection with its lights on and sirens blaring. As the officer saw the man in the intersection, he attempted to swerve. However, the officer’s evasive maneuvers were not quite enough, and the cruiser’s side mirror ended up striking the pedestrian. Some witness accounts claim that the man was then thrown into the air before he crashed down onto the median. He was immediately taken to the hospital and admitted in critical condition. The police officer was also injured in the accident, although his injuries were minor, and he is expected to make a quick and full recovery.

One eyewitness to the accident told reporters that she was at the intersection at the time of the collision, and she had arrived there before the pedestrian who “rushed” across to beat the “Don’t Walk” signal. She also said that the police car may have been in hot pursuit of another vehicle, but she wasn’t certain of that. Police are conducting an investigation into the near-fatal accident, and they are looking into whether either of the two parties involved was in violation of a traffic law at the time of the collision.

Pedestrian Accidents in Washington, D.C.

With all the monuments, museums, gardens, and other attractions in a small concentrated area, Washington, D.C. is known as a very walkable city. However, along with Washington, D.C.’s designation as a walkable city comes an increased risk for accidents like the one discussed above.

Generally speaking, the pedestrian enjoys the right of way in most situations, and when a pedestrian is struck by a driver, that driver may be held liable for the pedestrian’s injuries. However, in Maryland and Washington, D.C., strict laws are applied when it comes to who can recover for their injuries after an accident. In fact, only parties who are completely free of fault will be permitted to recover. To learn more about Washington, D.C. pedestrian accidents, and the relevant laws that govern these cases, contact an experienced Washington, D.C. personal injury attorney.

Have You Been Injured in an Auto-Pedestrian Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for all that you have been put through. However, as mentioned above, both Washington, D.C. and the State of Maryland have strict rules when it comes to determining when an accident victim can financially recover for their injuries. Make sure that you are well represented from the beginning of your case by contacting one of the dedicated attorneys at the Washington, D.C. personal injury law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers at 410-654-3600. Calling is free and results in no obligation to you.

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