DC Metro Assault Crimes: Does WMATA Provide Adequate Security?

Two adult males say they were assaulted on a Green Line train that was going to Branch Avenue. Metro Police arrived at L’Enfant Plaza Station early Thursday following the alleged incident.

According to the Washington Post, one witness says that when the train arrived at the station and the doors opened, one man was on the ground. Another victim was being beaten by another man.

This assault incident comes just a few weeks after at least four people suffered injuries during a brawl involving 70 people that began in rail car and moved onto the platform at the L’Enfant Plaza Station on August 6. Metro Transit Police say the dispute occurred as young people boarded the train to abide by the 11pm youth curfew. Two juveniles were arrested.

It was just earlier this summer that several boys beat a teenager unconscious over a pair of Air Jordan shoes. The fight took place at Union Station.

With the school year about to kick off, more transit officers are expected to ride the DC Metro to keep a watch on students.

Washington DC Premises Liability

Property owners are supposed to ensure there is adequate security to prevent violent crimes from occurring on their premise. Failure to provide that security—especially when there has been a history of violent crimes—can be grounds for a Washington DC injury case. Additional security guards, regular security patrols, surveillance cameras, proper lighting, crowd control measures, and emergency alarm devices are just some examples of measures a property owner can take to make a premise safer for others.

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